PhD (Current)

Currently, supervising four PhD students at Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics in the areas of brain-computer interfaces, virtual environments and augmented reality.
  1. Iris Kico, ‘Virtual reality archaeology’, Masaryk University, (2018-now).
  2. Jan Čejka, ‘Underwater augmented reality tracking’, Masaryk University, (2017-now).
  3. Bojan Kerouš, ‘Examining VR/AR scenarios using BCI's’, Masaryk University, (2016-now).
  4. Filip Škola, ‘Motor imagery in virtual environments’, Masaryk University, (2016-now).

PhD (Completed)

Supervised two PhD students at Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Department of Computing in the areas of crowd behaviour and virtual environments.
  1. Stuart O' Connor, ‘Assessing the Perceived Realism of Agent Crowd Behaviour within Virtual Urban Environments using Psychophysics’, Coventry University, (2012-2017).
  2. Arun Nagarle Shivashankarappa, ‘Novel Framework to Support Information Security Audit in Virtual Environments’, Coventry University, (2010-2013).

MPhil (Completed)

Supervised a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) student at Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Department of Computing in the area of procedural methods for cultural heritage and in particular on Vitruvian architecture.
    1. Jeremy Noghani, ‘The Procedural Generation of Vitruvian Architecture’, Coventry University, (2010-2014).

      MRes (Completed)

      Supervised two Master by Research (MRes) students at Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Department of Computing in the areas of brain-computer interfaces, virtual environments and serious games.
        1. Szymon Fialek, ‘An investigation into BCI illiteracy and the use of BCI for relaxation’, Coventry University, (2011-2014).
        2. Athanasios Vourvopoulos, ‘Brain-Controlled Virtual Environment: An Evaluation study of Brain-Computer Interfaces for Serious Game Interaction’, Coventry University, (2011-2014).

        MSc (Completed)

        Supervised more than 30 MSc dissertations in the areas of: ‘computer graphics’, ‘virtual reality’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘brain-computer interfaces’, ‘human-computer interaction’, ‘pervasive computing’, ‘serious games’ and ‘mobile applications’.
        1. Jan Krejsa, ‘Constraint-Based Visemes for the Synthesis of Lip-Synchronization Animation’, Masaryk University, (2018-2020).
        2. Jakub Kříž, ‘Multi-Fractal Terrain Generation’, Masaryk University, (2018-2019).
        3. David Kuták, ‘Multimodal Virtual Mind Map for Future Workplace’, Masaryk University, (2018-2019).
        4. Roman Gluszny, ‘Examining Optical illusions in VR’, Masaryk University, (2018-2019).
        5. Iveta Vidová, ‘Underwater Search and Discovery Serious Game’, Masaryk University, (2017-2018).
        6. Roman Lukš, ‘Examining Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality’, Masaryk University, (2017-2018).
        7. Tomáš Javorský, ‘Body Transfer Illusion in Virtual Reality’, Masaryk University, (2017-2017).
        8. Roman Konečný, ‘Brain Computer Interfaces for Games’, Masaryk University, (2016-2018).
        9. Pavel Kouřil, ‘Underwater Excavation Serious Game’, Masaryk University, (2016-2017).
        10. Richard Gono, ‘Steganography for Computer Graphics’, Masaryk University, (2016-2017).
        11. Milan Doležal, ‘Collaborative Virtual Environments’, Masaryk University, (2016-2017).
        12. Adam Palma, ‘Moral Serious Game’, Masaryk University, (2015-2016).
        13. Filip Škola, ‘An Investigation of the Rubber Hand Illusion for Virtual and Augmented Reality’, Masaryk University, (2015-2016).
        14. David Střelák, ‘Augmented Reality Tourist Guide’, Masaryk University, (2015-2016).
        15. Adekunle Ajibade, ‘An Investigative Evaluation into the Perception Issues in Mixed Reality Navigation’, Coventry University, (2012-2013).
        16. Odafe Imiruaye, ‘Critical Evaluation of a Serious Game (First Aid Game) using learning analytics’, Coventry University, (2012-2013).
        17. Ahmad Alharbi, ‘Classification of EEG Data for BCI Applications’, Coventry University, (2011-2012).
        18. Bello Hayatudeen, ‘The Prospects of Serious Games in Preschool Education’, Coventry University, (2011-2012).
        19. Ali Saad Khorib, ‘Interrogating the protection and privacy context of Radio Frequency Identification’, Coventry University, (2010-2011).
        20. Ashwin Prabhakar, ‘Low Cost Wirelessly Controlled Six Degrees of Freedom Exhibiting Hexapod Controlled Using PIC18F4520’, Coventry University, (2010-2011).
        21. Mohammad Alsahly, ‘RomaNova’, Coventry University, (2010-2011).
        22. Martin Kigozi, ‘Healthcare Interactive Nutrition Educational Game’, Coventry University, (2009-2010).
        23. Russell Ronny, ‘SocialBook - Online Social Network Website’, Coventry University, (2009-2010).
        24. Szymon Marciniewicz, ‘Augmented Reality Mobile Navigation System’, Coventry University, (2009-2010).
        25. Venkata Gundumalla, ‘3D Gaming on Risk Board’, Coventry University, (2009-2010).
        26. Vikramaditya Jaligama, ‘E-learning in the virtual world: A rich and valuable classroom experience in a virtual world’, Coventry University, (2009-2010).
        27. Vinod Punyala, ‘Steganography Using Bit Plane Complexity Segmentation’, Coventry University, (2008-2009).
        28. Abdulrezak Taj, ‘Augmented Reality in Gaming’, Coventry University, (2007-2008).
        29. Dominik Sut, ‘Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Online Educational Games’, Coventry University, (2007-2008).
        30. Lukasz Bogaj, ‘Serious Games Technologies for Virtual Museums’, Coventry University, (2007-2008).
        31. Mtagwaba Costa, ‘Mobile Based Meeting’, Coventry University, (2007-2008).
        32. Tarig Elamier, ‘Anonymization and its Applications’, Coventry University, (2007-2008).
        33. Songul Karabulut, ‘Evaluation of a Mixed Reality Interface for Geovisualization’, City University, (2006-2007).