22 January 2015

HoloLens - Microsoft’s Holographic Goggles

Microsoft has revealed their new HoloLens computer, the headset contains a CPU, GPU, and a new Holographic Processing Unit. The unit allows for wire free/wireless use and is built with Windows 10. In the concept demonstration, Microsoft showed a designer applying a virtual motorcycle body kit to a real motorcycle. They showed people playing in 'Minecraft' in their living room just like a table sized Lego set. Microsoft also showed how holograms created in the new Holo Studio could become 3D printed items. Build 3D in 3D was with the word, but holographic 'Minecraft,' holographic 'Skype,' and holographic NASA were the show.

Not only is the HoloLens its own independent hologra, producing computing platform, but to make what the user is seeing interactive, the HoloLens also tracks hands and voice. The visual overlay and interactivity is supplemented by surround sound in a 3D sound field. The HoloLens was demonstrated as a finished looking/preproduction unit, which is to say that it's way past the concept stage. MS even said that it has had content developers working on holographic content for years while the tech has been being developed beneath the Microsoft Vistor Center. Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 will come later this year, while HoloLens will be elaborated on in April.

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