09 April 2017

Holographic Fitting Rooms

The HoloLens was used as a creative tool to explore styling different pieces of the collection virtually before purchasing. Clients could mix and match different pieces of the collection on a holographic mannequin, and below is what one of those shoppers would see through the HoloLens.  To capture the pieces, they used a 3D scanner consisting of 64 high resolution DSLR cameras to map out the clothes and the model. Pictofit then provided a virtual fitting room for the users at the show, allowing them to try on the clothes on a virtual version of themselves.  The clothes even adapted to the shoppers' body shapes.

Augmented reality has the power to change how we interact with fashion. From the outfit decision in the morning to buying clothes online, we want to see how we are going to look. We want to be inspired, try different combinations and ask our friends what they think. This use of AR has started at the top of the fashion industry, but its not hard to see how it could easily work its way down to the mainstream. Many people hate shopping solely because they hate trying on clothes, and this technology could eliminate that step completely. AR may still be trying to find its footing with the average consumer, this is definitely one way it could make its way to the masses in the future.

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