11 December 2017

Starbucks AR Experience

Starbucks has ordered up a venti cup of AR to make the visit more interactive. The company's new Reserve Roastery in Shanghai, will be the first Starbucks location to employ AR powered by Alibaba Group's scene recognition platform to integrate the on-site and online customer experiences. Shoppers can point the cameras of their mobile devices at points of interest and use the Roastery's web app or Alibaba's Taobao app to access AR content about Starbucks and coffee.


The AR platform also provides a digital menu that displays details of the coffee bars, brewing techniques, and more. Access to the experience is more convenient for users of the Taobao app. Using its location-tracking feature, the app notices when users enter the location, and then serves up site content. Moreover, Starbucks has added an element of gamification to the experience, challenging customers to collect digital badges and earn a custom Roastery filter.

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