26 April 2018

Leap Motion's Collapsible User Interface

Leap Motion, the company behind the hand-tracking depth sensor, recently tweeted out another through-the-headset view of a prototype UI, this time centered on how some simple elements might work in the augmented office of the near future. Using the company’s prototype dev kit, dubbed Project North Star, Leap Motion keeps the user interface fairly muted until it’s needed, the company shows how a minimized AR element like an event reminder could hide in plain sight.

By moving your hand closer to the small white bar, which is projected to appear on the edge of a desk, you can produce a 2D window, pick it up, place it in mid-air, and even lay it down flat on a desk. Notably, the windows appear to have a weightiness about them that make them appear more natural in the environment. First revealed earlier this month, the Project North Star AR headset boasts a 100 degree field of view, low latency, and high-resolution.

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