24 March 2015

Sulon Cortex HMD

The Sulon Cortex essentially turns your surrounding environment into an augmented or virtual reality experience thanks to the sensors on the headset that are spatially-aware of your surroundings. Unlike the Oculus Rift which requires a PC, Sony's Project Morpheus which needs a PS4 and the Samsung Gear VR which requires a Galaxy Note 4 phone, the final build of the Cortex promises an great experience so you can walk around the scene you're in.

The HMD can work both indoors and outdoors and supposedly doesn't need extra cameras or sensors nor is it affected by ambient light because it can spatially map environments in real time. There are also two different types of HMD's. The wired headset has a large, eight-balls sensor on the back, which also makes you look even weirder than usual for VR/AR devices. You can customize the colors of the hexagonal lights on the sides to blue, green, pink and purple.

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