18 November 2016

Wireless VR Headsets

Dangling cables are one of the major problems of today’s virtual reality headsets. Wearing an HDMI cable reduces mobility and lead to users tripping over cords. A new solution developed by a group of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) aims to solve this problem. Named as “MoVR” the new system allows any VR headset to communicate without a cord.

The system uses millimeter wave, the technology that can help deliver 5G connectivity to smartphones. MIT says MoVR acts as a programmable mirror that detects the direction of the incoming mmWave signal and reconfigures itself to reflect it toward the receiver on the headset. MoVR can learn the correct signal direction to within two degrees, allowing it to correctly configure its angles. Researchers tested the system on an HTC Vive but say that it can work with any headset.

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