28 May 2017

Microsoft Reveals AR Spectacle Glasses

When Google introduced the Google Glass, one of the major objections was their appearance. Though technology has moved on, the aesthetics of augmented reality (AR) headwear is still a problem for many people. Microsoft is seeking to tackle this problem with its new prototype AR glasses. Unveiled with surprisingly little fanfare was a prototype of a new design of AR glasses that look much like an ordinary pair of black, thick-framed eye glasses.

The prototype design is based on a technique called digital holography which is used in the prototype. The device may never be mass-produced as it is still an early prototype, and is lacking in several advanced features that are starting to become standard among AR and virtual reality (VR) devices, such as head tracking. Even so, the work on this prototype could form the basis of some new development in the field of wearable AR technology.

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