16 October 2017

Nintendo VR Power Gloves

Nintendo has come up with some brilliant products in the past that reminded us the power of imagination, creativity, and innovation. One of those items was the Nintendo Power Gloves that allowed users to play games in a futuristic sense. The Power Glove allowed you to play 2D games with this unique motion-sensor controller. It was first released in 1989 that came equipped with 8 bits of power and 2 transmitters that allowed you to play games such as Rad Racer. Now, with some clever engineering, you can use the Power Glove on the modern VR platform.

Some creative minds at Teague Labs were able to re-utilize the glove using the HTC Vive tracker to bring it into the 3D world. They were easily able to use hand gestures with the available data. They rigged up a hand model to respond to the sensor data of the Power Glove and worked pretty easily. Teague Labs were also able to create a demo based on the original Power Glove Branding where you can shoot lightning by making a fist. One of the benefits of using the Power Glove on an HTC Vive is that users can simulate more natural interactions.

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