05 August 2019

US Navy Uses Magic Leap for Training

A new AR training tool developed by Magic Leap Horizons will use Magic Leap One AR headset to deliver various AR military training scenarios to the US Navy. Soldiers wearing the headset will experience a room size training environment designed to keep sailors and marines combat-ready while at sea. The system is called TRACER, which stands for ‘tactically reconfigurable artificial combat enhanced reality’, uses multiple technologies as part of the simulation, such as the Magic Leap headset tethered to a backpack processor, a simulated weapon from Haptech (formally StrikerVR) that can deliver realistic recoil through haptic feedback, hand tracking, and new software that can immerse soldiers into a multi-user AR experience.

Magic Leap Horizons originally developed TRACER as part of the US Army’s Augmented Reality Dismounted Soldier Training (ARDST) project. The Office of Naval Research saw the potential of TRACER and worked with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, along with Magic Leap and Haptech Inc to reconfigure the project to work with sailors and marines. TRACER is built almost entirely from commercial, off-the-shelf products that anyone can purchase on the internet. What the TRACER system can do is put soldiers into extremely dangerous scenarios that feel very real but don’t have real-world consequences, which has always been one of the biggest benefits of VR and AR training.

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