04 November 2017

ICAT 2017 Keynote

On the 26th of October 2017, I gave a keynote with title “Understanding and Interacting with Games and Virtual Reality Environments using Brain Computer Interfaces” at the 26th International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICAT 2017), 26-28 October 2017 at Sarajevo, Bosnia. Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) have made significant advances over the past decade and nowadays are emerging as an experimental tool for investigating our nervous system.

Even if motor BCIs have shown great promise for helping patients with severe motor deficits, they are not used as much in healthy subjects. One of the unexplored areas of BCIs is in computer games and virtual environments which are currently booming. This presentation explored the use of BCIs in both passive (EEG) and active (bio-feedback) scenarios for virtual and augmented reality environments. For each category, different case studies will be presented indicating the importance of BCIs in the greater area of games and virtual reality environments.

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