11 November 2017

Realistic Medical Simulation by Scalpel VR

There are a lot of companies working on medical apps for VR headsets right now, but they’re mainly designed to work with expensive haptic peripherals or to be sold to hospitals at a high price. Scalpel VR wants to bring realistic surgical training to everyone. Scalpel VR is developed by researchers at Imperial College London’s Department of Surgery and Cancer. Instead of state of the art training equipment, the app only requires you own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows headset and their respective motion controllers. These tools could be all you need to test your hand at making accurate incisions.

Using various data sets, Scalpel VR allows you to take scalpel in hand and attempt to make accurate incisions into flesh. It’s not a simple case of one slice, but identifying the areas you need to detach for operation. You won’t just be experimenting with humans but also (virtual) dead animals. The app’s final release will include a range of different surgeries complete with instructions allowing you to practice each procedure carefully. Obviously in this day and age, you could probably find detailed guides to carrying out these surgeries online, but widely available software that allows anyone to realistically simulate carrying them out is another matter.

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