14 November 2017

Mobile AR Classic Snake

If you bought your first mobile phone in the early-to-mid-2000s, there's a good chance that it was a Nokia and it had the game Snake preinstalled. While mobile gaming has moved on to bigger things, those who still yearn for simple games with a dose of the future can now play a Snake-like in AR via ARSnake for iPhone and iPad. For the youngsters out there, Snake is simple: guide your snake within a square grid towards food, which increases the snake's length, while avoiding the walls or your own tail. The game has enjoyed a revival in recent years as a multiplayer online version of the game called Slither.io (iOS | Android). That smartphone version adds a survival element, where you must also avoid running into other snakes.

ARSnake takes the Slither.io aesthetic and adds a third dimension to the gameplay. AR ends up being the ideal environment to navigate the game's dynamic. In ARSnake, you swipe left and right to move horizontally, and up and down to dive or ascend the aquarium-like space, collecting coins, stars, and food along the way. Players can opt for manual or auto tracking of their reptilian avatars, with a speed boost available for those who feel the need. While it does require iOS 11, the game doesn't appear to run on ARKit, as it is compatible with older iPhone and iPad models that do not meet the hardware requirements for the platform. This is evident after a few minutes of gameplay, as the AR elements don't anchor to surfaces.

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